Photography Services for the Material Handling Industry

Warehouse Photography

Are you introducing a new product to the industry, or just completed a huge project that you’re proud of and want to share it with the world? perhaps, you’re building a portfolio to show potential customers? We have you covered. MH Marketing Solutions offers high resolution, photography services to capture every detail of your project regardless of the environment or object density or transparency. We specialize in low light warehouse and highly reflective products photography…

We have completed over 30 warehouse photography and time-lapse video sessions combined!

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Time Lapse Video


Instructional Videos


We will make your project stand out, Regardless of the environment!

With over 6 years experience in Warehouse and Product photography, you can rest assure knowing that we will capture your projects highlights from beginning to end.

Reasons why you should always use your own warehouse photography.

  1. Exclusivity to your products and services
  2. Your competitors can’t use your images (We watermark your online images)
  3. Show’s professionalism and uniqueness.
  4. Build credibility of your warehouse and your products.
  5. All your catalogs, brochures and marketing content images will always look sharp.
  6. Avoid copyright infringement lawsuits

Do you have a project that might need photography? Material Handling Marketing will travel to your location and professionally photo shoot your project from beginning-to-end and provide you with High Resolution images.

Drone Warehouse Videography

Warehouse Drobe Photography

Artistic Drone Videography to capture every angle of your project.

Anyone can fly a drone, but it takes a qualified professional to find the correct angles, and video clips that will enhance your presentation. MH Marketing Solutions offers Drone warehouse videography and photography.

What’s included:

  • High Definition 1080 Aerial videography
  • High Resolution 300 DPI DSLR photography
  • Low Light is not a problem
  • Cold Rooms and Freezers OK
  • Interval Sessions included through out the project
  • All Videos and video edits are provided to you in MP4 format at the end of project
  • All Photos are edited and fixed and watermarked with your company’s logo
  • Voice over Optional

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