Oct 10
Material Handling Marketing Solutions offer a Wide variety of services.

On December 1st, 2012, MH Marketing Solutions opened it’s doors as the lead marketing firm offering “out-of-the-box” marketing concepts to the material Handling Industry. Our goal is to provide our customers with new marketing concepts and methodologies that will engage their customers.

Thus, the name of the company is fairly new, you can rest assure knowing that the staff at MH Marketing Solutions has over 27 years of combined experience. Each staff member is an expert in their field of concentration and play an important role in the company. Whether you are a start-up, on going business looking to refresh your branding, or want to start from scratch, the staff at MH Marketing Solutions will lead you every step of the way.

Getting to the top in under one year was not easy, most of the credit is owed to our readers and customers for giving us the opportunity to service their company.

When MH Marketing Solutions launched a year ago, we launched under code name “Phase one:Testing the market” for acceptance and introduction our company to the material handling industry. As soon as we launched, we began working on phase two code name “Domination”. We went with code name “domination” because that is what we intend to do. Our goal is to dominate the market, and be the number one marketing firm in the material Handling Industry.

But in order to get there, we knew we had to surpass our wanna-be competitors. We are emphasizing on the word “wanna-be” because they lack creativity and imagination. After nine months of planning, researching and fine tuning our corporate branding, we are delighted with the out come. Thus, we are not done yet, we are merely scratching our artistic surface.

There is still work ahead of us and our brand because we believe that in order to stay ahead of the competition, you need to continuously re-invent your marketing and branding efforts.

OK!, enough of the virtual spanking, let’s get down to business and see what really makes this website stand out from our competitors and why it’s one of a kind. Our website was built on the following technologies: HTML5 Boilerplate, Twitter Bootstraps, Modernizr and the most popular Word Press Framework Roots Theme (Thank you Ben Word for your kind help).

Material Handling Marketing Phase two - the complete take over. We offer the best products and frameworks in the industry


Why we chose these technologies

Without these four technologies, we would have had to work harder to reach our goal. After researching different technologies and methodologies, we chose this route because we wanted to keep the code as clean as possible to allow for search engine optimization and future growth.

Right from the beginning we knew we wanted to go mobile, but didn’t want the daunting task of having to create two separate websites or adding a sub-domain (i.e. m.mhmarketingsolutions.com) we wanted to use the power of media queries to target various screen sizes and resolutions, yet, keeping the integrity of our website and branding intact. After researching the market it was conclusive and indisputable to go with a Responsive Website Architecture.

Having a responsive website simply means allowing the same content to be served through out the internet, giving you the power to reach more customers. According statistics and consumer affairs it is a known fact that by the year 2014, 90% of searching is going to be done via mobile devices. So being able to provide our client base with that technology before 2014 is eminent, because we are simply preparing ourselves for the future.

You can read more about Responsive web development at: WikiPedia – Responsive Web Design or at A List Apart (responsive web design) or if you would like to stay up with the latest developments and want to meet people that are involved in Responsive Web Design, you can join our group of experts on Linked In – Responsive Web Design – The future of web design


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Marketing Expert in the Material Handling Industry, he has been providing marketing solutions to the industry since 2009. As a marketing expert some of his strengths are: Web Development, Search Engine Optimization and Photography.