Are backlinks important for SEO, Can they help my website?

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Oct 10

Are Backlinks important for SEO? The term Back Linking refers to (In bound links in a web site). The more Inbound Links you have in your web site the more relevant your website is, provided that you have the right content and are linking to authoritative (reliable) sources. In the old days before Search Engines existed Inbound linking was used as a method of navigation. Today, Inbound links are the primary structure to a healthy Search Engine Optimization strategy.

backlinks1The number of Inbound or Outbound links is an indicator to the search engines that your website is relevant and popular. For example; Google uses it to determine your page rank. There are other factors that Google uses to determine your page rank, but for the sake of this topic we will stick to Inbound Links only.

Search Engines, often use the number of Inbound links on your web site, as one of their factors in determining your websites search engine ranking and importance (relevance).


Having relevant Inbound links provide the following benefits:

  • Search engine robots follow links between websites. The more inbound links you have, the more often robots will visit your site.
  • Many search engines count links to your site as “votes” for you. They assume that the more links you have to your site? the more relevant or authoritative your website is. Page Rank is Google’s system of counting links.

However, it is not easy to obtain back links that are relevant to your website or its content.  Many company’s charge for these back links. Finding the right source to create authoritative inbound links can be overwhelming.

The best way to produce relevant links for your website  is through natural links. Natural links is when you link to clients, vendors and groups (that share the same information as you). The advantages of natural linking is that:

  • You don’t have to pay to acquire them (except for the creation of your own content)
  • They are free and you don’t have to reciprocate the link

If your website’s content is relevant to the back links, it will help boost your website’s ranking scores. You can read more about Google’s Ranking algorithm here 

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